Timeline baru facebook

Sebelumnya ada rumor facebook digugat oleh pihak timeline atas tuduhan menggunakan hak cipta time line, mungkin perubahan timeline ini merupakan jawaban dari facebook. kurang lebih seperti ini tampilan FB yang baru.

Lumayan sih tapi apa daya unggulnya yah??

bisa sahabat baca di https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline keunggulan dari timeline baru ini.

1. Your Cover
Fill this wide, open space with a unique image that represents you best. It's the first thing people see when they visit your timeline.

2. Your Stories
Share and highlight your most memorable posts, photos and life events on your timeline. This is where you can tell your story from beginning, to middle, to now.

3. Your Apps
The movies you quote. The songs you have on repeat. The activities you love. Now there's a new class of social apps that let you express who you are through all the things you do.