Indonesia's education minister will change the book into a tablet

whether this is good news, or bad news. obvious use of information technology today is in need of many people. not to mention the use of the tablet.

Tablets, or ordinary in said tablet computer is a term that refers to a mini computer or is a complete portable computer which is entirely in the form of a touch screen datar.Ciri main differentiator is the use of the screen as the input device using the stylus, digital pen, or fingertip, rather Instead of using the keyboard or mouse (mouse). Well because its function is similar to a regular PC yes tablet can be functioned to store a variety of maca ebook or electronic book. which would make the owner does not mind in mebawa much load as the physical book in general.

Minister of Education and Culture (Education) Anies Baswedan plans to use the tablet as a tool for teaching and learning activities. To write the book will continue to use paper, the tablet will only be used as a storage media subject matter.

Buku pelajaran akan di ganti Tablet
Buku pelajaran akan di ganti Tablet


Regarding the learning activities, further Badwater, there are more than 50 million children in school in Indonesia. They are taught by more than three million teachers. According to Badwater, the book is an important teaching tool in the teaching and learning activities.

"One of the goals of the use of the tablet, called E-Sabak is to reduce the cost. E-Sabak adoption of instructional media community slate that was used to save paper," said Anies Kemendikbud Office.

Besides saving paper, the use of E-Sabak also can maintain the quality of the book because it is not influenced by other factors such as paper, distribution or logistics complexity. E-Sabak also designed to be interactive, for example by providing materials to teachers quiz.

"The point is that the media yesterday freely determined in the downstream, now in a tablet so much rich material," said Anies.

In addition to the planned use of the tablet as a textbook at school, Kemendikbud also discussed cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and information (Kemenkominfo), Ministry of Tourism and PT Telkom of internet services to local 3T and email services for schools, teachers and students. Interministerial cooperation is important to remember Kemendikbud has a very extensive network, which is 208 thousand schools in Indonesia.

"There is a communication to the learning activity, this vast network of greater benefit. Inequality access to quality education can we reduce, so that schools in this 3T can get the same quality information with the knowledge in a big city," said Anies.